Scout Packing List

Summer Camp Packing List
Scout Basic Essentials:
The Scouts BSA Handbook lists 10 outdoor essentials that campers should plan to take on every outing. These essentials can be carried in a day pack and are appropriate for summer camp.
❏ Folding Blade Pocket Knife
❏ Personal First Aid Kit: (See list of suggested items in your Scouts BSA Handbook to pack in your personal first aid kit)
❏ Extra Clothing
❏ Rain Gear or Poncho
❏ Water Bottle
❏ Flashlight (with extra batteries)
❏ Trail Food
❏ Matches and Fire Starters
❏ Sun protection (sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, neckerchief)
❏ Sunglasses
❏ Camp Map and Compass
❏ Clothing (1 full change per day)
❏ Scout uniform shirt
❏ Scout uniform shorts/pants
❏ Scout uniform belt
❏ Scout uniform socks
❏ Scout uniform hat
❏ Scout “Class A” Uniform
❏ Scout Uniform Neckerchief and Slide
❏ Scout T-Shirts
❏ Shorts
❏ Underwear (2 pair per day)
❏ Extra Shoes (rotate them out)
❏ Socks (2 pair per day-change after lunch to dry out feet and prevent blisters)
❏ Boys-Swim Trunks-No Speedos
❏ Girls-Swimsuit-(1 piece swimsuits only for girls)
❏ Sleeping Gear
❏ Cot or Sleeping Bag
❏ Sleeping Bag or Bed Roll
❏ Small Pillow and Pillowcase
❏ Eating Kit/Mess Kit: Only need for Thursday Dinner and Friday Lunch
❏ Spoon and Fork
❏ Plate/Bowl
❏ Camp Cup- you will carry this with you everywhere on camp for hydration. Water provided in all areas.
❏ Cleanup Kit
❏ Soap
❏ Toothbrush
❏ Toothpaste
❏ Dental Floss
❏ Comb or Hairbrush
❏ Towels for bathing
❏ Feminine Hygiene Items
❏ Baby Powder or Anti-Chafe Powder
❏ Scout Handbook
❏ Merit Badge Books
❏ Notebook
❏ Pencil or Pen
❏ Totin Chip and Firem’n Chit
❏ Waterproof Watch
❏ Battery Operated Alarm Clock
❏ Personal medications (with original prescription packaging)
❏ Eyewear and eyewear protection and supplies
❏ Camera with extra batteries
❏ Money for the Trading Post
❏ Small Musical Instruments
❏ Other Gear required for specific merit badge courses or activities as required by the merit badge book or your merit badge counselor.
**Some merit badges and activities require specific clothing or equipment. Some examples are: Swimming and Lifesaving. Check your Merit Badge Books.

Group Summer Camp Gear
Most troops bring a trailer to camp to store common equipment. Below is a list of general equipment often needed at a long-term camp. Some troops may wish to bring other items to enrich their experience or to cook special desserts or snacks for their campers.
❏ Tents (if not using camp tents)
❏ Dining Fly or canopy (1 per patrol)
❏ Nylon Cord or Paracord
❏ Group First Aid Kit
❏ Repair Kit and Tools
❏ Tarps
❏ Rope
❏ Patrol Flags
❏ United States and state flags
❏ Lanterns
❏ Solid Fire Starter
❏ Matches
❏ Water Jugs
❏ Ice Chests
❏ Hand Carts
❏ Camp Chairs
❏ Woods Tools
❏ Dutch Oven
❏ Charcoal
❏ Trash Bags
❏ Registration Paperwork
❏ Maps
❏ Merit Badge Book Library
❏ Advancement forms and record book
❏ Bulletin board material and stapler or tacks

Prohibited Items
❖ Alcohol
❖ Persona firearms
❖ Tobacco products or Vapes
❖ Fireworks
❖ Illegal drugs
❖ Video games or gaming devices
❖ Fixed-blade knives
❖ Excessive grooming products
❖ Highly odorous products such as scented body sprays
❖ Excessive amounts of candy
❖ Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics will not be permitted.
❖ No pets of any kind, with the exception of special needs animals, are permitted in camp.
❖ Campers are not permitted to use ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) or UTVs (utility cart vehicles).