Merit Badges

Aquatics Merit Badges
BSA Lifeguard
This course is intended for Scouts and Leaders serving on a camp staff or who wish to in the future. Scouts must be at least 15 years of age and have completed the Lifesaving, Swimming, and First Aid merit badges.
Scouts must be classified as a swimmer and need to bring shoes that can get wet during classes.
Advanced merit badge for strong swimmers. Scouts need to bring long pants and a button up shirt that can get wet. Prerequisites include Second Class requirements 8a through 8c and First Class requirements 9a through 9c. Completion or concurrent taking of the Swimming Merit Badge is also recommended by not required.
Mile Swim BSA
This is an award that Scouts and leaders can earn at camp. Campers must participate in practices Monday through Friday from 6am to 7am each morning. Participants will swim the mile at 6am on Friday morning. Please note that missing a session can be cause for dismissal from the Mile Swim program.
What can be more fun than operating a motorboat at summer camp? Scouts not only have the opportunity to earn this education and exciting merit badge, but will also receive an official Safe Powerboat Handling Certificate upon successful completion of this course. Please note that in order to participate in this merit badge course, the participant has to pass the BSA Swim Test.
Scouts must be classified as a Swimmer and need to bring shoes that can get wet during the course.
Small Boat Sailing
This is the most advanced boating merit badge. Scouts must be familiar with knots and be classified Swimmers. Bring shoes that can get wet during the course.
This merit badge is required for the rank of Eagle Scout and is an essential Scout skill. Scouts must be classified as a Swimmer and will practice swimming strokes and diving. Scouts need to bring long pants and a button up shirt that can get wet.
Instructional Swim
This session is for Scouts who have not passed the BSA Swim Test and are not yet classified as swimmers. This course will help them improve their swimming skills. Adult leaders who are capable of providing assistance in the instruction of Swimming techniques should speak with the Aquatics Director if they would like to volunteer some time assisting the Aquatics Staff.

Shooting Sports Merit Badges
Through the Shooting Sports program at KSR, Scouts will learn about the sport of shooting, safety, and how to maintain a firearm. The requirements for these merit badges are strenuous. Parents and Scouts are strongly encouraged to review the books at home prior to arriving at camp. Shooting sports merit badge classes fill quickly, so don’t delay when classes open up for registration.
Scouts will learn how to safely handle and shoot a bow and arrow. There is a $10 program fee for this merit badge. Scouts will complete the compound bow option with a Genesis bow and shoot arrows at 15 yard targets.
Rifle Shooting
Scouts will use .22 rifles with and without scopes under the instruction and supervision of an NRA Instructor. There is a $20 program fee for this merit badge.
Shotgun Shooting
Shotgun shooting requires participants to use 20 gauge shotshell type guns. Scouts must be 13 years of age or older. There is a $25 program fee for this merit badge.
Red River Rifles
Red River Rifles is a Norwela exclusive recognition and is open to campers and leaders. Scouts should be at least second year campers and shooting experience is recommended. Through this course, participants will use muzzle loading, black powder rifles shooting at long distance targets. Scouts will be under the instruction of a NRA Instructor. There is a $25 fee, which includes one Red River Rifles patch upon successful completion of the program.
Outdoor Scout Skills at Fort Bond
This is a significant merit badge required for the Eagle Scout rank. The instruction covers camping skills including gear selection, navigation, campsite selection, and food prep. Scouts should complete requirements 4a and 4b as they prepare for summer camp by making a duty roster and assisting another patrol to do so. Requirements 8c and 8d must be completed outside of class by preparing a menu and cooking a variety of patrol meals. Scouts must camp a total of 20 days and nights as defined in 9a to complete the merit badge. Scouts will be able to rappel and complete 9b(6) at camp but must complete one other 9b option outside of camp. Requirement 9 cannot be completed at camp.
Cooking (Two Period Class)
The cooking merit badge introduces principles of cooking that can be used both at home or in the outdoors. Scouts who earn this merit badge will learn about food safety nutritional guidelines, meal planning, and methods of food preparation, and will review the variety of culinary careers available.
Participants will need to prepare their own meals on Thursday during the Troop cooking event.
Scouts will use the blacksmith forge and iron in this merit badge session. Scouts need to wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt to protect themselves from the heat of the forge. Scouts may bring their own gloves. Minimum age is 13 years old. There is a program fee of $15 for materials. Scouts will complete steel items with decorative twists, L bends and U bends.
Scouts will use ropes, lashings, and spars to build useful and fanciful camp gadgets and towers. Scouts should be familiar with the knots and lashings of the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks to participate in this merit badge course. Suggested items to bring include a knife and gloves.
Scouts will learn about map and compass navigation and competitive orienteering. They will lay out and complete orienteering courses and find their way with other navigational aids. This is an essential skill for wilderness travel and backcountry trekking. Scouts may complete requirement 10 outside of the sessions.
Wilderness Survival
Scouts should have mastered First Class first aid and outdoor skills in order to participate in this challenging merit badge. Scouts will participate in a Thursday overnight survival session and learn how to live in remote locations and extreme situations. Scouts must have clothing and shoes appropriate for a hike and overnight outpost.

Health Merit Badges
First Aid
This merit badge is required for the Eagle Scout rank. Scouts should already have a good understanding of the first aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. Instruction in this session will focus on first aid skills beyond these requirements including an understanding of CPR and AED use along with more extensive injuries and situations. Scouts should bring a first aid kit for requirement 2d.
Search and Rescue
Scouts will learn real life search and rescue skills. They will learn proper procedures and then practice them in realistic situations and scenarios. After taking this merit badge course, scouts will know how to do their part to help in real life situations.

Science Merit Badges
Space Exploration
Catch the spirit of the great space explorers. Experience why space missions are launched and the physics of rocketry. Scouts will build, launch, and recover model rockets. There is a $10 program fee for materials and rocket assemblies.
Scouts will get to experience the skill of welding commonly used in industry and agriculture. Long pants and a long sleeved shirt are required to protect themselves from the torch. Minimum age for this course is 13 years old. There is a program fee of $20 for materials.

Scoutcraft Merit Badges
Scouts will make two kinds of baskets and a camp stool seat using different kinds of material and weaving. Scouts will also learn about traditional Chickasaw basketry techniques. Basketry kit is included in the $15 program fee for this merit badge.
Indian Lore
Scouts will discover the Native American culture, including languages, traditions, tribes and heritage. The is a $15 program fee for this merit badge.
Scouts will be making leather crafts such as a knife pouch and dyeing a belt. Scouts will learn how to craft and care for leather items and should bring one leather item from home such as a pair of gloves, shoes, or a belt. Materials are included in the $15 program fee for this merit badge.

Nature Pavilion Area Merit Badge Programs
Environmental Science
This is a very challenging merit badge required for the rank of Eagle Scout. It is highly advisable to obtain the merit badge book from the Scout Service Center and read it through before summer camp. Through the study of this merit badge, Scouts explore ecology, pollution prevention, endangered species, environment impact and conservation, and discuss all of their connections. Pencil and Paper are necessary for this merit badge course.
Scouts will learn to use fishing tackle, knots, lures and baits. Scouts are encouraged to bring their own fishing tackle, but may use the camp equipment. Scouts must catch, clean, and cook at least one fish. Consumption of the fish is not a requirement of the merit badge.
Through identifying types of plants and trees, investigating the life cycle of a forest, and discovering the roles that different forms of life play in that life cycle, Scouts will take away a deeper understanding of the many resources our forests provide and the role humans play in preserving and protecting those resources.
Reptile and Amphibian Studies
Although Reptiles and amphibians come in many shapes, sizes and colors, move about in various ways, and live in a vast array of habitats they are connected by their common threads. Join an exciting journey of discovery while learning about the commonalities that connect reptiles and amphibians
Scouts will show proficiency in a varied study of ecosystems, animals, plants, and soil. This is a great merit badge to combine with another badge in the Nature program area as many requirements overlap.
Meteorology is the study of Earth’s atmosphere and its weather and the ways in which temperature, wind, and moisture act together in the environment. In addition to learning how everyday weather is predicted, Scouts learn about the extreme weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, and how to be safe in those incidents.

Other Merit Badge Programs
Communication is an Eagle required merit badge that covers the many different forms of communications while also exploring things that affect communication. Participants will prepare a daily newsletter for unites, organize campfires and attend a meeting. Participants should interview someone prior to coming and should bring the notes with them. In addition, participants should bring any props used to describe themselves. Scouts should not bring anything of great monetary or sentimental value that could be lost or damaged.
For most of history, people have dreamed of flying, imagining how it would feel to soar through the sky like an eagle or hover in midair like a hummingbird, to float on unseen currents, free of Earth’s constant tug, able to travel great distances and rise above any obstacle. Today, through aviation, we cannot only join the birds but also fly farther, faster, and higher than they ever could. Preparation: Requirement 4 prior to camp. Recommended for 3rd year campers.
Personal Fitness
This Eagle-required merit badge is frequently referred to as one of the most difficult to complete due to the 12 week commitment to exercise, including tracking and recording the results. Obviously, it cannot be completed during the week of Summer Camp, but our experienced counselor will help participants develop a plan and will continue to encourage them even after summer camp. Participants should complete requirement 1a and 1b before arriving at camp.

KSR Activities and Competitions
Evening Activities
Camp wide activities will be hosted each night by camp staff. SPLs will receive the schedule daily in the SPL meeting. Join us for fun, competition, and surprises.
A Scout is Reverent
Wednesday evening is our interfaith chapel service at the Chapel in the Woods. Join us at 6:30 for fellowship through faith.
Order of the Arrow Call Outs
Units are encouraged to conduct troop Order of the Arrow elections during summer camp if they have not already done so for the year. Scouts elected for the Order of the Arrow can be tapped out in an impressive ceremony during Friday evening at the closing campfire. Out of council units should be sure to turn in the call out letters during check in.
Scoutmaster Dessert Cook-Off
Don’t forget to pack your secret ingredients this summer along with your dutch ovens and supplies. Thursday night, while the Scouts prepare dinner at the campsite, Scoutmasters will be busily preparing their tastiest creative desserts. Don’t forget to save a serving for the Camp Key 3 because they are your judges in the Scoutmaster Dessert Cook Off. Winners will be announced and recognized at the Friday Campfire.
Campsite Cooking
Troops will prepare dinner on Thursday night and lunch in their campsites on Friday. Units can begin sending Scouts to fetch ingredients from the Dining Hall Steward at least 30 minutes prior to each meal. Lunch will be simple, quick, and nutritious. Dinner will be a meal fit to feed a hungry Scoutmaster, including plenty of versatile ingredients with the invitation to put your own spin on it. Don’t forget about the Scoutmaster Dessert Cook Off either. The menu for the Thursday night dinner in the campsite will be distributed before camp to allow units to bring any gear, recipes, or added ingredients that they desire.
Troop Campfire
Your troop will organize a campfire program and invite some staff members to attend as guests. This is a troop’s chance to hang out with their favorite staff members.
Bear’s Den Trading Post
The Bear’s Den trading Post has new items this summer. In addition to games available for use in the Trading Post, Scouts can also check out sports equipment and stock up on souvenirs, snacks, and scouting supplies. The Bear’s Den is open most hours of the day and evening with the exception of meals and camp wide activities. Accepted payment methods include credit and debit cards, check, and cash. All prices include sales tax. There is not an ATM machine at camp.