Garland Pioneers

Who are the Garland Pioneers?

They are a group of volunteers committed to the capital improvement of Garland Scout Ranch. Their vision is to create the best facility possible for our Scouting family.

What do the Pioneers do?

Pioneers provide a volunteer pool for needed work at the Scout camp. In the past, the Garland Pioneers served a "general contractor" role on building projects by not only providing leadership in construction matters but also raising money to pay for the projects. Sometimes funds are raised by family, friends and foundations seeking to honor an individual Scout leader for conspicuous contribution to the Scouting program.

How can I become a Garland Pioneer?

Any registered Scout or Scouter may join the Garland Pioneers by annually purchasing a $100.00 voting share which entitles the individual to one (1) vote at the annual meeting (second Saturday in January at the camp) to determine the nature and financial commitment of the project(s) the Pioneers will involve themselves for the year.

Why do the Garland Pioneers need you?

Membership enhances the volunteer pool and financial commitment the Pioneers can make to the capital development of Garland Scout Ranch. Pioneer projects since 2005 have changed the face of the Scout camp. Pioneer plaques commemorate participation (fiscal and physical) on any number of projects since 2005 by the group. It is a tribute to what an individual $100.00 contribution annually can mean as the number of Garland Pioneers increases. Please consider membership.

J. Wasner
Garland Pioneers President