Getting Started

So you’re a new Cub Scout Den Leader/Assistant Den Leader. Talk with your Pack Leadership and follow this checklist:

  1. Take Youth Protection Training (YPT) at www.myscouting.org (site for online training) – go to left column – Training, E-Training, then table below under General then Youth Protection.
    1. First time visitors require registration (free) – use your legal name
    2. PRINT a copy of Training Certificate and turn in with Adult Leader application (REQUIRED prior to turning in application)
    3. REQUIRED prior to having your first den meeting (without qualified pack leadership)
    4. Training is good for 2 years
  2. Complete BSA Adult Leader application (use legal name)
    1. Charter organization executive is required to approve all leadership positions
    2. Note: BSA will conduct a Police background check
  3. Take Leader Specific Training – Tiger Den Leader at www.myscouting.org.
    1. REQUIRED if you are a Tiger Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader
    2. PRINT a copy of Training Certificate and pass to Cubmaster
    3. Completing YPT and Leader Specific Training earns the Trained shoulder patch
  4. Not Required – If you are new to scouting and want to learn more, take the This is Scouting course and/or Start Orientation courses at www.myscouting.org. These courses give insight to the "Big Picture" of Cub and Boy Scouting.
  5. Having an outdoor activity with your den? (hiking, picnic, bike ride, etc.) You are REQUIRED to complete Weather Hazards training at www.myscouting.org.
    1. Training is good for 2 years
  6. Having a water type activity with your den? (Swimming, canoeing, fishing, etc.) You are REQUIRED to complete Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat (if boating/canoeing).
    1. Training is good for 2 years
  7. You are REQUIRED to read/review the Guide to Safe Scouting and have a copy (hard or electronic) with you during all Den/Pack activities. An electronic copy can be downloaded at here.
  8. You are REQUIRED to have access to you den’s BSA health form (this includes all participants and participating parents/guardians) at all Cub Scout activities. Talk to pack leadership for your pack’s procedures. Forms are located at on our Forms Page.
  9. This checklist gets you started, for more information attend Norwela Council training (usually quarterly) and Council Roundtables (1 hour, once a month). Check our Calendar of Events for dates.
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    1. Tiger Handbook
    2. Tiger Advancement Tracking chart
    3. Tiger Den Meeting Plans
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